Property Buying Guide

Essential step by step guide to buying

Step 1: List all the property that you want to sell at our website, Cyprus Re-sales

Using our user-friendly, award winning, and streamlined website, you can register your potential interests for re-sales and then you can have a discussion with us. Please ensure that you offer us with all the essential information about your purchase. Three things that are mandatory to include are the finances, location, and the size of your purchase. Once we are sure of what you want, we will provide you with a list of potential properties you might be interested in.

However, if we currently do not have something suitable for you, we will notify you when something becomes available. All you need to do for that is to open alert notifications. You will then receive all our newsletters. We run background checks on all our listing so you can sure that you are getting the best of the best.

Step 2: Come and meet us at the Cyprus Agency

Whenever you wish to meet us, we recommend setting up a meeting with us beforehand, you can meet us at the Paphos office so that we can discuss all your requirements over tea. We will have an overview of all the properties which are up for sale and if a new listings that might be up your lane.

Step 3: Checkout our picks for you!

With our professional help, you will can find your desired property quickly. Purchasing something as big as a property is an essential step of your life and should not be taken in haste. Therefore, to select the appropriate option you must have a relaxed mind when considering all your options.

We will be there for you at all the steps of the way, to assist you and to answer questions that you might have. Here, in Cyprus Re-sales you will never have the misfortune of dealing with non-competent staff.

Step 4: Put up an Offer

Once you find a property that speaks to you, you shall discuss a verbal offer with the vendor. When you put concluded the terms, conditions and the price, then you can reserve it in your name.

Step 5: Reserve your top picks

To reserve a property, you must pay the deposit that has been decided among both parties. Now you can relax while your lawyer does all the work for you. The reservation agreement is usually for a month.

Through this time you and the vendor set up meetings and sign the official contract, and make mortgage arrangements.

Step 6: Set a meeting with one of our lawyer

To make a smooth and streamlined purchase, you need to have a 100% reliable lawyer. Someone who is efficient and has a good experience.

We have our own set of lawyers who are trained to do just that, they specialize in conveyancing of property, which includes drafting a contract, negotiating sales and properly searching the entire document before lodging a sale. They also look after payment of the installments of the contract using the business client’s account, securing the Council of Minister's approval for non-EU citizens, transferring the title deeds in the name of the buyer, payment of transfer fee to the Land Registry, transferring of the utility accounts in the buyer’s name.

Step 7: Make all the necessary arrangements

At Cyprus, we also help with arranging the mortgage. All of our listings have Title Deeds, which means up to 50 to 60 percent of loans are available. You can contact us anytime and our customer representative will update you any information on mortgage.

You can view our financial section and read out all our repayments and financial options. Once you have compiled the list of all the necessary documents, the bank will arrange the final independent valuation for you.

It usually takes up to 3 weeks for the bank to approve loan applications.

Step 8: Sign the final agreement 

Before the reservation period, ends and the necessary investigations have been carried out, the sale contract is signed. At the signing, 30 to 50 percent of the main deposit is paid to the vendor’s layer by bank transfer or draft.

Then a sale’s copy is sent to the Department of Land Registry and Stamp Duty is collected by the tax office.

Step 9: Final Step

This step marks the end of the sales. The end date is usually within a month of the signing of contract. If you are a non-EU citizen, then your lawyer shall make necessary arrangements so that you can be a property owner in Cyprus.

In the end, a meeting is held at the Land Registry Department where all the dues are cleared through a lawyer. All the mortgage arrangements are made and the bank provides all the loan money.

Transfer of deed then takes place. And you will then be free to pick up all the keys from our office.

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