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Yes, she can. A permanent real estate residence qualifies the applicant and his/her spouse for resident in Cyprus once residence is obtained.

The benefits offered by CCI (Cyprus’s Citizenship Scheme by Investments) are comparable to neighboring EU nations. The difference is that CCI provides an opportunity to have a choice in which financial investment makes the most sense to the investor, whereas the other EU members tend to invest or to make non-refundable socio-financial contributions to a slew of industries.

Here are some benefits of investing with CCI:

  • Investments can be in an individual industry or in multiple industries;
  • Successful applicants gain the right to live, study and work in any of the EU partnering nations;
  • Currently attractive property prices project high returns on investment;
  • Approval for visa travel to 120 different countries including UK, Canada and other EU members;
  • Permanent citizenship after an easy process with a high approval rate;
  • No requirements of language or residence;
  • Only requires basic documentation;
The following documents qualify you to receive VAT:
  • Copy of passport (for you and your spouse) and marriage certificate
  • Contract of sale
  • Architectural plans (blueprints)
  • Building permit, officially certified
  • Documents proving the proper residence size endorsed by a civil engineer or an architect
  • Evidence of property’s use as a place of residence in Cyprus (utility bills, tax paperwork, etc.)
Konstantin, 19 April 2018
  • Public and private modern medical facilities
  • Low crime
  • High quality educational institutions, telecommunications and public transport
  • Many cultural and historical sites to visit
  • Clean environment
  • High number of people with higher education
  • Great Meditiranian food
  • English Legal System
  • Population speaks multiple languages
  • Low income and corporate taxes
  • Long established land registry

Located at the crossroads of Europe, Asia and Africa, Cyprus, a 9,251 square kilometer area is in a pivotal center of active air and shipping routes which interconnect the three continents.

It has a population of a bit more than 1.2 million people as of 2019 estimates. Cyprus enjoys sunny weather nearly round, with occasional wet winters, as a typical Mediteranian climate. During the winters the temperature consistently falls between 5C and 13C, where in the summers its usually between 21C and 36C.

The capital city of Nicosia is in the middle of the island nation with the approximate population of 336,000 people. Limassol, the second largest city is located on the south coast with about a 241,000 population, followed by Larnaca and Paphos, located on the southeast and southwest coasts, respectively.

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